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Ryan and Stacey Poler
Viola, ID 83872

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Nunya's Potato Litter
Where they are now.

Born September 17, 2004

CH Nunya's Russet Hideaway CGC, "Tater" ~ Denim Girl

Click here to see Tater at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Ryan and Stacey Poler ~ Nunya Bloodhounds
Moscow, ID

Tater, the single girl in the litter,ended up staying here at Nunya to represent our next generation! Tater is a lovely girl who will be shown and will (hopefully) do obedience and trailing. Tater is everything we were hoping to get from this breeding, and more! Tater has done very well in the conformation ring winning Best of Winners at the 2005 National and Winner's Bitch at the North West Regional. She has had several noteable wins, is our first Bred By Champion and won the BBE Hound Group at the Lewiston all breed dog show!

New Champion 04/20/2007

CH Nunya's MGH This Spudz For U, "Spud" ~ Red Boy

Click here to see Spud at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Suzi Paine and Stacey Poler
Tacoma, WA

Spud bounced around in homes as a young dog, but has found a permanent home with Suzi. He is a happy puppy who enjoys sleeping on the bed and playing with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Spud has had a very successful career in the show ring going BOB over specials as a class dog, being the first of the babies to finish his championship and winning BOB his first time as a special! Spud will always have a special place in our hearts and we are excited about his upcoming show career!

New Champion 06/10/2006

CH Nunya Or Ida Rathr B Trakin EECT, "Brodie" ~ Green Boy

Click here to see Brodie at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Becky Irving
Beaverton, OR

We are very excited about Brodie's career as a trailing dog. Becky is an experienced handler who recently said goodbye to her veteran Bloodhound partner, Sally. Brodie and Becky are working hard on their training and Brodie is excelling as a working dog. He recently passed his Clackamas County observation test, earned his EECT and will try for his MT in the spring. We are so proud of Brodie and can't wait to hear about his first "finds." Brodie has done very well in the conformation ring. Brodie finished his Championship in Portland, Oregon going BOB over several Specials.

New Champion 01/21/2007

CH Nunya's Yamming It Up MTI CGC, "Tater" ~ Navy Boy

Click here to see Tater at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Donald and Cindy Ozee
Herod, IL

Navy lived with us until he was almost 5 months old, so it was very very hard for us when he left. His new family calls him Tater, but it is very hard for me not to refer to him as Navy! He is a hard working trailing dog and passed his NASAR III certification last spring, earned his MT in May 2007 at the North Central Specialty and his MTI at the 2007 National. He has had a successful show career including going BOB over specials for his second major. He finished with 15 points and FOUR majors! He adores his new baby brother, Milo, from Maizey's second litter. Donald and Cindy are taking this dog to his full potential and beyond!!!

New Champion 11/11/2007

Nunya's Diggin' Diego at MGH, "Diego" ~ Purple Boy

Click here to see Diego at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Paula Ockerberg
Princeton, ID

This gorgeous boy is living it up with his live in Bloodhound "sister" Leggo in beautiful Princeton Idaho. He is a calm boy who loves spending time with his canine and human family alike. Sweet as a bug this boy is Mr. Mellow, known to his family as "Pup Pup" and "Booger." Diego has had very limited showing but won the breed from the classes in Hollister California at a supported entry.

Points to date: 10 points 2 majors

Nunya's Yukon Gold, "Yukon" ~ Gold Boy

Click here to see Yukon at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Kris and Laura Hansen
Redmond, WA

Yukon will always hold a special place in my heart, that little gold boy with a heart that would not give up. He is loved by his owners, Kris and Laura, who do not hesitate to give Yukon more love and care than any dog could ask for. Yukon lives with his "brothers," Watson a Bassett Hound, and Mojo a Bloodhound from Maizey's second litter. Yukon has been attending obedience classes and is doing great. He is adored everywhere he goes, be it the vet, pet store, obedience class, coffee shop, etc. His favorite passtime is lying on the futon snoring loud enough to rattle the walls!

Nunya's Twice Baked, "Baker" ~ Yellow Boy

Click here to see Baker at 8 weeks.
Owned By: Dave and Sundae Kiblen
Moscow, ID

Baker fell right into place with the Kiblen family. He and his new brother (actually his half Uncle) "Watson" help the toddlers terrorize their parents. Baker is one of the happiest puppies I know. He bounces around on his toes and is just a very spunky boy! He is a perfect fit for this family and steals the heart of anyone in his path!

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