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Viola, ID 83872

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Spellbound's Falling For Nunya

Born on November 23, 2005

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It took our hearts a very long time to recover from the loss of our beloved Newfoundland, Nexus. After two years, we accepted our loss, agreed to savor our memories, and welcomed a new baby into our lives. Timber came to us from the first litter at Spellbound Newfoundlands. Mark and Lanelle are wonderful people and incredible breeders. We are honored to have had a Spellbound Newf in our home. Timber was with us for over a year, during which time we found that she was not happy in our home. We tried very hard to create an atmosphere in which she would be successful, but finally realized that it was out of our control. Timber is a wonderful dog, but we finally decided the fairest thing for her was to let her go to a home that is a little less intense, has a little more time, and is equipped to give her all she needs. So, Timber is back as Spellbound and we get to visit her often. We are excited to see how well she is doing everytime we visit. This was a considerable learning experience for me, I have always thought that I was in control, but now realize that some things are out of our control.

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