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CH Nunya's MGH This Spudz For U

Born on September 17, 2004
Co-Owned by Suzi Paine

NEW CHAMPION!!! June 10, 2006

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Spud is the puppy who just wouldn't leave! Spud was the sixth puppy born in our first litter here at Nunya. We were very excited to have a liver puppy amongst all the black and tans! Spud stole our hearts from day one and we just knew we had something special. Originally we thought Spud would go live with some good friends in Moscow who simply wanted a pet, but we would co-own and show him for them. Spud ended up being a bit too energetic for that situation. We then had another home lined up that seemed great, but in the end it just did not work out.

Spud was here at Nunya until he was five months old, and I was toying with the idea of keeping him. The situation in our home just did not allow for this, so I not-so-patiently waited for the perfect home to come along. It seemed that everyone wanted this special boy, but that the timing was wrong in every situation. He then went to live in a home that seemed to be all to perfect. Spud was in that home for about 7 months at which time his owner called to tell me it was not working out. Spud was not getting along with his brother, which is typical for adolescent males. So Spud was returned to us. We expected to have our hands full with this boy. He had been previously described as being extremely energetic and very destructive, however he has shown no signs of this behavior while he was with us.

Spud was dropped off with us at our National, and while everything that the poor kid knew as home and family was taken away from him, he showed and behaved like a true gentleman. He did incredibly well for me both inside and outside of the ring. His life had changed dramatically and he took it in stride. He did very well at our National placing in his Futurity and Sweeps classes and placing first in the Bred-by class. He truly is a phenomenal dog with the stability and strength both physically and mentally that we want in all of our dogs.

Spud stayed with us for 3 months and did surprisingly well at our house. I am thinking more and more that his "issues" were a product of his environment. He lived in our home as a member of our family and did very well. He is totally fine with the other dogs and loved to harass his sister, Tater, and mom, Maizey. At first,Cosby got mad at him for just twitching his ear and Spud immediately submitted to him, but with time, the two boys became the best of friends. Spud loved chasing Trigger around the yard, Trigger is a great playmate for all puppies! Tater was busy "schooling" Spud on "indoor" manners and letting him know that we do not play inside. She is really funny. I don't think Spud was without a toy in his mouth the entire time he was with us. He LOVED having a toy basket and lots of toys to choose from! He is VERY gentle, sweet, respectful and never tried to get up on the couch and does not overly invade your space. He is not at all the dog I expected him to be when I got him home. He is an absolute doll and complete marshmallow!

Spud has finally found his forever home. On the day after Christmas he went to live with Suzi Paine, a long time bloodhound owner and admirer. Although he is a bit of a "Houdini" he is doing extremely well and seems to be happier than he has ever been. Spud enjoys spending time with his new brother Thunder (who simply tolerates the young puppy) and gets to go on numerous adventures with Suzi. He is attending handling classes and goes for walks and play dates with all kinds of new friends. He sleeps on the bed with Thunder and Suzi at night and gets to stretch out on big padded dog beds and the couch (when Thunder allows it) in the family room. He has a large basket FULL of toys to choose from, including his favorite, "Pink Pig."

Suzi worked hard to put weight on the skinny fellow and got him into beautiful show condition. He went to his first show with Suzi in mid January and got the only point available! He continued on to get his second major by going Best of Breed over specials, and recently finished his championship in Puyallup! Spud will always be remembered as the first champion bred by Nunya Bloodhounds! We are so proud of him for overcoming life's obstacles and turning into such a gentleman!

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