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The Origin of "Nunya"

We put considerable thought into what our kennel name should be. We wanted it to be meaningful, appropriate, short, and sweet. We went through a number of different names, but there was only one that really fit, and that was Nunya.

So where did "Nunya" come from, and why is it so special to us? Well, not far from our house there is a somewhat "secret" swimming hole known to the locals in Moscow and surrounding areas. Some refer to it as, "The Clay Pits" and others refer to it as, "Nunya." This is a place we love to take our dogs, though we have not been back since we Nexus passed away in 2004. Typically there are VERY few people there, the water is clean, and the views are tremendous. It is a bit of a drive and a bit of a hike, but it is worth it ten times over! If you are close by and you are wondering where this swimming hole is, well, That's just "Nunya" business!