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Ryan and Stacey Poler
Viola, ID 83872

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History of Nunya

Ryan and I began our lives with dogs in two different places. Ryan grew up with sporting dogs. He and his family spent their falls in the Pacific Northwest hunting waterfowl. They had three dogs at various times during Ryan’s childhood, a Brittany Spaniel, a Springer Spaniel, and a Golden Retriever. The golden is still with his parents today. These dogs were family companions as well as working dogs.

Growing up I had two dogs, a Black Lab/Springer Spaniel mix and a Yellow Lab/Golden Retriever mix. The Yellow Lab still lives with my parents. These two dogs were both devoted family dogs, the perfect companions for a child. It is because of the relationships I shared with these dogs, that I became the dog lover that I am today.

I first became involved with purebred dogs when I was in high school (seems like long ago!). My Junior year in Chemistry class, I met Ingrid Lyden (my Chemistry instructor) and upon discovering my deep interest in dogs, she invited me to her house to help with their dogs. I worked at Nakiska Newfoundlands with Chris and Ingrid Lyden throughout the remainder of high school and during my summer vacations while in college. During that time I became very close friends with them and learned a tremendous amount about breeding, running a kennel and showing dogs. I accompanied them to an uncountable number of dog shows, though I was always too shy to enter the ring.

In the summer of 1998 Nexus came to live with me, she was one of Chris and Ingrid’s Newfies. I agreed to get Nexus’ necessary titles for her Versatile Newfoundland Award. Since she was already a Champion in conformation the titles she still needed included Water Dog, Water Rescue Dog, Companion Dog, and Draft Dog. Long story short, it was through working with Nexus, learning from Ingrid, becoming friends with Lanelle Warrick, Terri Erickson (Paragon Siberians), and Jo Nussle that I got over my "shyness."

So what about Ryan? Ryan always had a very strong interest in dogs, though his involvement with Purebred dogs really began the day he started dating me! He went to a few shows with me and attended most of Nexus’s working tests. He was wonderful support! In July of 2001 we were married, and he was bound to the world of dogs for LIFE! Luckily Ryan loves the dogs as much as I do (well, almost as much, I am a bit compulsive), and is very supportive of all of our activities. Ryan is very intuitive and objective about dogs and breeding. He picks up on things that I often miss. Together I think we make a fabulous team!

What about the Bloodhounds??? Well, once we were married, or at least engaged, our first interest was in getting a hunting companion for Ryan. After some painstaking research he decided he wanted a "versatile hunting dog," as he loves both upland and waterfowl hunting. He finally decided on getting a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon. The trouble was, finding a breeder. We were very lucky (yet again) and found Griffonpoint Kennels in Calgary (Alberta, Canada). Shannon Ford was absolutely wonderful and we couldn’t have been happier with our experience finding the right dog for us.

Then (finally) in 2000-2001 we decided that we wanted to get into a breed so that I could show, work my dogs and possibly breed. We had a hard time agreeing on a breed, something that we both liked, which fit all of our needs. We wanted something whose conformation standard made it a good working dog and that would fit in well with our family. Once we decided on bloodhounds we went, yet again, through the painstaking task of finding a breeder. It was even worse in Bloodhounds, as we found that many people did not want to sell to "inexperienced" people, such as ourselves. Having never owned a Bloodhound before, we were considered inexperienced. However, upon contacting Joe and Lisa Ivey, we were able to forget all of our worries, and we knew we would be getting a dog capable of fulfilling our dreams, and boy has she EVER!

So now, this is our beginning in Bloodhounds. We have since added a second and third hound to the mix and had two litters of our own. We continue to learn as much as possible about the breed from many different avenues. We are active members of numerous clubs including, the American Bloodhound Club and Pacific Rim Bloodhound Club. I am currently employed, part time, by Moscow Parks and Recreation as their obedience instructor. I like to say that I learn from each of my students as much as I teach them.

My education has also been very helpful as I learn more about breeding. I earned a degree from the University of Idaho, double majoring in Biology and Zoology. I worked part-time for three years in a molecular genetics lab, then for four years as a full time technician studying microbial genetics at the University of Idaho. This level of understanding in science and genetics is vital as we begin our breeding program. I am now working as a recruiter for the College of Veterinary Medicine at Washington State University.

From all of this, we can only hope that we will become good breeders, our goal is to improve upon an already spectacular breed.