Just Houndin' Around!

April 22, 2008

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The weather continues to improve and we actually got in to the FIFTIES yesterday so I took the dogs out for a nice game of "fetch." Grabbed my camera and got a few cute pics of the crew.

Tater LOVES to retrieve.

Cos wants a piece of the action.

This means war.

Awe, they're sharing.


Trigger only retrieves
when the BHs are distracted.

Cosby is VERY proud of himself!

Cosby again.

Tater decided this was boring!

My Cosby Man.

Maizey looks on, too
good for such silly games.

The BHs are bored so
Trigs gets to play a bit.

He really does love to retrive.

Check out the ears.

Tater mimicking mom.

My Bug-A-Roo.

Isn't Trigger ADORABLE?

Maizey, standin' around.

Still standin'.

Tater, making use of her sniffer.

The three BHs, Tater, Cos and Maizey.

Cos and Maizey on a bit of a slope.

One final pic of Cos.

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