Finally home during the daylight to take some pictures!

More Snow
January 30, 2008

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Maizey enjoys the crisp air and gentle breeze.

The dogs enjoyed an opportunity to stretch their legs!

Pictures of Miss Maizey.

Headed up the hill.

Just rooting around.

Pictures of Tater-Roo.

Tater makes her way through the deep snow.

Tater's confused about what happened to the bush.

Our Cos-ER Man.

Cosby is a happy dog!

Triggs loves the snow!

What a funny looking hound dog!

More photos of the whole group.

They never seem to get sick of the snow.

Just returning home from the Vet

Tater is SO happy to see Trigger

and proceeds to attack him.

Maizey's having a sniff.

Hanging out by the hydrant.

It is barely visible under the snow.

What happened to our bush?

How about a profile shot?

Tag team on Trigger.

We thought this was a lot of snow, but the next day...
The Big Snow January 31, 2008

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