So far, our biggest storm of the year!

January 31, 2008

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Our girls, Tater and Maizey looking regal in the snow.

We thought the snow was deep yesterday, we had NO idea!

The deep snow made maneuvering around the yard very difficult for the dogs at first. They dug out paths and bounced from place to place. In many places the snow was so deep we could only see them from the shoulders up. They got tired really quickly, but now have several paths to take around the yard, which I thankfully use as well.

Cos digs himself a path.

Trigger just chooses to bounce!

Maizey's turn to pave the way.

Tater looks lost.

Maizey plows another trail.

Poor Cos, he's getting tired.

Tater is still lost.

Wait, here she comes.

Still coming!

Here they ALL come!

Tater with enthusiasm!

Maizey too!

What's a good romp between friends!

It began with Trig and Cos, then Maizey got involved. Trig got away and here comes Tater!

More photos of the whole group.

They STILL never seem to get sick of the snow.


Maizey and that tongue!

Maizey and Cosby

Pretty Maizey!

A very snowy Tay Tay.

Tater digging her way through

Trigs, furnishings filling in.


and more Tater!

My girls posing together.

Perhaps my favorite pic EVER.

More posing, Maizey and Tater.

Here comes Tay again.

Maizey Daisy the Snow Queen.

Cosby deep in the snow.

Trigs finds a spot to dig!

And dig he DID!

How about some group shots!

Tired out the group shot was a piece of cake!

Left to right: Trigger, Tater, Maizey and Cosby.

Four profiles, my beautiful kids!

Look at me guys!

OKAY, all done!

Close up of Mom and Daughter.

Another one.

Can we come in now?

Yesterday was fun, but nothing like today!
Before The Big Snow (Some great pictures)

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