Nothing Better than FRESH snow,
except maybe SPRING!

Snow Day
January 20, 2008

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You watch that-a-way and I'll watch this-a-way.

The Snow was really coming down this morning.
Some of these pictures are tough to see due to the "down pour."

The Down Pour!

Tay-Tay: "Here I come, Mom!"

Maizey and Cosby.


More Tater.

Miss Maizey.

Trigger Man.

Maizey on the run.

Tater's also on the run.

Enough Tater ALREADY!

Cosby, Tater, and Maizey


Tater Keep on Truckin'

Cosby and Maizey WWF!

Got'em by the throat

Don't take that from her!

Chase'em down!

Clash of the Titans.

The the clouds parted and the sun came out to brighten our day!

The Fun Never Ends

Maizey's eating snow.

Tater and Cosby.

Maizey, at it again.

Trigger turning to look.

Cosby, peeking through the brush.

Cosby, brrrr....

Maizey and Tater.

Maizey and Tater again.

Cosby, snowy and slobbery.

Tater on the move.

Tater in the brush.

Trigger Man.

Which way did he go?

Look, there's mom!

Tater found a stick, a REALLY good stick.

Tater makes the find.

Mmmm, tasty.

Brrr, too cold to lay down.

Let's take it down here.

Perhaps it's warmer under the tree.

Nope, guess I'll move on.

And for some reason, the tongues kept coming out?!



Good one COS!

Maizey again.

Tater again.

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