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Ryan and Stacey Poler
Viola, ID 83872

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AKA Triggs, Trigger Man

Griffonpoint's Trigger Finger

Born on March 6, 2000


Ryan had a very tough time trying to decide which breed of hunting dog would fit all of his needs. As both an upland and waterfowl hunter, he had his work cut out for him. Ryan looked into many breeds including retrievers, setters, and pointers. We had heard about the "versatile" Wire-haired pointing griffon from his dad, who had met some a while back. Ryan was interested to find out more about the breed.

First we found that the breed is very rare. There are very few breeders out there, and we were very fortunate to come across Shannon Ford of Griffonpoint Griffons. She was a wonderful source of information and support. We did end up getting puppy from her, and he is everything we could have wanted in a hunting dog.

Ryan began training Trigger immediately. Trigger was very willing and very very instinctive about hunting, though was quite a challenge in the house, Mr. Busy Body! We definitely had our work cut out for us, but Trigger has proven to be a wonderful hunting companion AND a fabulous family dog. He is our "protector" in the house, and is also a sweet heart. Of all the dogs, he definitely is the most spoiled, I donít know how he does it, maybe it is the beard!

Trigger turned seven this year, so we are looking forward to taking him in the field in the fall. This will be his sixth hunting season, and has become more confident in the field, and in his training. He is good in the water as well as on upland game. He has been very successful in past years hunting upland birds. We have not had many opportunities to have him out duck hunting, but hope to do more of that in the future.

As our family continues to grow, both dog and human, Trigger adjusts without any trouble. He is an easy going dog who enjoys being a play toy for both the Bloodhounds and Megan, our daughter. He still is full of energy so is a great exercise tool for the hounds. Megan asks for Trigger every night before bed, and I am sure in no time he will sleep at her feet every night. He is a silly sweet boy and I just cannot imagine life without him!

Ryan and Trigger, a boy and his dog.