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Ryan and Stacey Poler
Viola, ID 83872

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Nova and Odin - May 2016

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As you can see we have had quite the crew over the years. You may be asking yourself, "How did they end up with so many breeds?" Well, we started out with a newfie, and our experience with the breed had a large impact on our lives. The newfies are kind, loving, devoted, gentle dogs, a great dog to have laying at your feet. They are fabulous working dogs, who are very willing to please. Now, this is not to say that they are not a lot of work! There is a lot of grooming involved in having a newfie. It is due to this high maintenance that we decided at any given time we would never have more than one newf! It is my understanding that in the Newfoundland breed, conformation plays a key role in their ability as working dogs. This aspect is very important to me and played a big role in our decision to get bloodhounds.

Our second dog, was also not a bloodhound! Ryan needed a hunting companion, so he got Trigger, a Wire-haired Pointing Griffon. Trigger was everything he wanted and more, but the breed was just "too much" for us to consider breeding ourselves. So we decided to stick with one hunting dog to pal around with Ryan in the field.

Ryan and I began discussing, for quite some time, a breed that we both would enjoy...we finally decided on the bloodhound. It was quite funny, as I brought up the breed and Ryanís exact words were, "I have always liked bloodhounds." I began doing research about the breed, and one thing that really stood out for me, was that the breed is very loving and yet very independent. After having two dependent breeds, it would be nice to go with something that wasnít as extreme. We knew we wanted something BIG and something unique. We met a few bloodhounds along the way and immediately fell in love with them. This is not to say that they are not a handful and a half. Bloodhounds are BIG, they are slobbery, they are goofy, they are stubborn, and they are very independent. There are often times that Ryan will say, "Tell me again, why we chose this breed?" Then, it is in the evening, when he is watching TV and curled up on the bed or couch holding one of his hounds that I say... "That is why."

Growing up, I always thought I wanted several different dogs, I could never decide on just one breed. In the past couple of years this has changed dramatically. The more time I spend with other breeds the more I have found that I am meant to love bloodhounds. I feel very in tune with my hounds, we are similar in so many ways (Stubborn, independent, active, just to name a few). Ryan will always have his hunting dog, but I think the decision is final, Bloodhounds have stolen our hearts and our lives, we are forever devoted to this breed.