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Ryan and Stacey Poler
Viola, ID 83872

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AKA Nex, Nexy, Prescious

VN CH Nakiska's Missing Link CD DD WRD CGC

October 24, 1995 - March 25, 2004


Nexus became a part of my life in the summer of 1998, already a champion in more ways than one. Nexus has been so much more to me than a pet or working dog, she truly has shaped me into the person I am today. Nexus was given to me by Chris and Ingrid Lyden of Nakiska Newfoundlands and I agreed, upon taking her that I would complete the required titles for her Versitile Newfoundland (VN) title.

As Nexus and I worked together for each of her titles, we both did our fair share of training. We began with her water titles, as it was something we truly enjoyed. She was the most diligent worker. Nexus would always do her best to please me...except at the tests, though third time is a charm and we did finally get both Water Dog (WD) and Water Rescue Dog (WRD) at one test! After that, it was on to her Companion Dog (CD)...again, this was a first for both of us, but we worked hard, learning as a team. She did a beautiful job in the ring and I was so proud of my sweet girl. Next we moved on to her draft title. Nexus earned her (DD) just weeks before she became a veteran.

I had a requirement for any guy that I met once Nexus was in my life…Nexus’s approval. Fortunately, Nexus absolutely adores Ryan; she looked to him (not me) for support when she was nervous. Nexus was our flower girl in our wedding, as it seemed very necessary that she be a part of such an important day. We would have liked to have Trigger there as well, but he was a bit too excitable for that situation.

Nexus retired from working, to the couch, though I often found her sneaking out to join in as I worked my other dogs. It always was an absolute pleasure to work with Nexus. In my mind she truly was the epitome of devoted working dogs.

I have heard many people say that often, in your life you have many dogs, but there is always one that is "the one." I feel both very fortunate to have found my "one" so early in life, but also feel very sad, that my time with her was limited. Nexus was with me through bad times (death of a close friend) and good times (marrying Ryan) and all the times in between. She was with me as I first got my foot in the door in dogs, and will always be with me in my heart.