Bacchus x Maizey Pedigree

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CH Bacchus du Noble Limier OFA Good Elbows and Heart Clear
Lux Ned Ch Vargo du Noble Limier HD/B Cincinati Trooper of Anderlues HD/A Lyme-Ho Papilie OFA Good Edward De La Cour Cantrel
Badger Creek Charity
Harmonie du Houx Perce Eliott Du Houx Perce
Danae De La Cour Cantrel
Int Lux Ned Ch Bader Creek Dynamite HD/A Lux Ned Ch Wilberforce of the Linden Trees Sam of the Linden Trees
Howling Rebel's Violette
Hangover's One and Only Ch Shiloh's General Nathan B Forrest OFA550G
Ch The Rectory's Justin Time OFA424

Front Row's Living Sin
Ussard du Noble Limier Badger Creek Spirit Dancer HD/B CH Brewdun's Beloved Barritone OFA863G70M
CH Badger Creek Dorset
Lux Ch Qassiope du Noble Limier HD/B Chaplain Badger Creek
Ned Ch Orphee de Salix Babilonica
Fin CH Front Row's Iris Est Fin Ch Sillytimmy Arpafoldi-Szimat
Burza Ogrod Wyobrazni
Front Row's Edelweis Fin Dk Ch Heron Haddock
Fin Ch Ter-Abyrex Upsidaisy
CH Jo-Li's Amaizing McClintock CGC OFA Elbows, Heart, and Patellas Clear CERF 2002
CH Springbuk Raindance Rhapsody OFA(G) EL-Clear CH Sherjac's British Sterling CH Barilla Berlioz, UDT CH Barilla Idamantes
Barilla Winefred
CH Sherjac's Ma Barker CH Hylbillie's Hyhestia
CH Woodsong's Rocky Mountain Mandy
CH Springbuk's Dash of Nutmeg OFA(F) CH Tracersown Hybillie Arlo OFA(F) CH Tracersown McGruf Bothswain
Tracersown Linda's Stardust
CH Hylbillie's Springbuk Truffle CH Small Town's Hy-Grade Oil
Hylbillie's Hyaleaher
CH Jo-Li Be Coz Mrs Peacock Did It OFA(F) EL-Clear CH The Honey Tree's Bears Repeating CH Brewdun's Beloved Barritone OFA(G) CH Sandlapper's I Got Prime Time OFA(G)
CH Legacy's Midnight Clear OFA
CH The Honey Tree's Pad N Ton Bear CH Freespirit Resolution OFA(G)
CH The Honey Tree's Mouse Dear
CH Be Coz Nadine OFA(G) CH Be Coz Ice Adventure OFA(G) Riverbluff Wakeful OFA(G)
CH Sandlapper's I Got Continuity OFA
CH Be Coz Lydia OFA(F) CH Sandlapper's I Got Even OFA(G)
CH Be Coz Holiday On Ice

Special thanks to Lisa Ivey and Eva Dunkel for gathering these photos for me!

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