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AKA Maize, Maizey Mae, Maizey Daisy

HOF CH Jo-Li's Amaizing McClintock CD RN MT CGC

Born on November 12, 2001

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Where do we even begin with this girl? Maizey has been more than a dream come true for us. Getting a bloodhound proved to be quite a challenge, but finally we found a breeder who understood our dedication and could fulfill our needs. Joe and Lisa (Jo-Li Bloodhounds)have been extremely wonderful to us, even from the very start. When we found out they were going to let us have the 'purple girl' out of the Clue x Barkley litter, we couldn't have been more excited. We feel so fortunate that Joe and Lisa trusted us to take this girl and show her to her full potential.

Maizey came to live with us at the age of 11 weeks. She was so adorable and so sweet. We had heard so many horror stories about Bloodhounds and how destructive and stubborn they are, but Maizey proved everyone wrong. She has always been very sweet, very willing, and has only chewed up one toy, 4 crate mats, and eaten 2 artichokes! Of course, the list continues to grow!

Showing Maizey has been very exciting and very nerve racking for me. She is/was my very first show dog, so we learned together. We took handling classes and worked hard to get her to stand still (a tough thing for a baby). Maizey shows beautifully and her record is phenomenal! She has been a joy to show, win or lose. I still cannot believe the things we have accomplished together, and the support we found through our breeders and new found bloodhound friends has been incredible.

Maizey finally completed her CD (Companion Dog) title. This was quite a task for both of us! Maizey is a very stubborn girl and when I entered her as a young dog at the age of 18 months, she always seemed to find some thing to "not pass" in the ring. Of course, it was always something different. However, at the mature age of 4, she waltzed into the ring and not only passed, but with scores to be proud of and even a 4th place in Novice B. While working on her CD we learned about the RN (Rally Novice) title and decided to give that a try. She completed this event with flying colors. Again, the only way to describe this experience is to say, "proud."

Maizey ran a successful MT (Man Trailing) trail in Valley Ford at the 2007 Clyde Reed Memorial Trailing Trial. I am very new at this event, and still have a lot to learn. The concept of having my dog show me the way and to trust them is new and a bit uncomfortable for me. Maizey has been a fabulous dog to work with. She has incredible natural ability and the drive to work. The hardest part about trailing with Maizey, is keeping up. She is a passionate dog about everything she does and the only factor limiting the speed at which she runs trails is her handler (me) and her judges! :)

The MT title was the last title Maizey needed to complete the requirements for the Bloodhound Working Dog Hall of Fame. Our ultimate goal has been achieved so we have retired Maizey to do whatever she wants which usually consists of sleeping on the couch, yelling at the other dogs (she takes it upon herself to "train" them) and eating as many sticks as possible.

Maizey has out produced herself in so many ways. She has had two litters, in 2004 she had 7 beautiful puppies, the Potato Litter, and her second litter was born in the summer of 2006, the M-Azing Litter. Both of these litters are our pride and joy. We have dogs in family homes, working homes, show homes, you name it. Most importantly they are all in loving homes. Maizey has given us a better foundation than we could have dreamed, she has literally changed our lives, opened our eyes, and is the heart of Nunya. We are moving forward and hope that her legacy lives on for generations to come!