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Our Dogs at Work

Maizey trying out a Newfie Cart.

It is true we like to boast that our dogs are not just show dogs, they are also famiy dogs and working dogs. Our dogs are not in a situation where they are working every day, however, we train them in a capacity that they are tested to be competent to work in areas relevant to their natural abilities.

Our goal is to own and produce dogs that are conformationally correct; and this correctness should (in theory) make our dogs capable of working.

Nexus was a champion in conformation and was trained in multiple areas. She was trained as a Water Rescue Dog and has received recognition from the Newfoundland Club of America that she has passed the necessary exercise to prove her capable as a water dog. She is also trained as a Draft Dog, and again has passed all necessary tests. These two titles are specific to Newfoundlands and other breeds who were originally bred to work in these areas. Nexus also has her Companion Dog and Canine Good Citizen titles, both are areas focused on obedience and are recognized by the American Kennel Club. These titles are available to any AKC recognized breed.

Trigger is not a champion; however he is a phenomenal field dog. Trigger is trained as both an upland and waterfowl hunter. He has proven himself in both areas, not by passing AKC or NAVDA tests, but by providing us with successful days in the field hunting. Trigger is a very reliable methodical hunter, and we always enjoy a day in the field hunting behind him.

Maizey is a champion in conformation and has earned titles in Obedience, Rally and Man Trailing. She recently completed the requirements to be accepted into the American Bloodhound Club Working Dog Hall of Fame. The dogs have to receive four titles from a list provided by the ABC. We are proud to boast that Maizey not only has working titles, she is versatile in what she has accomplished. With titles in many different areas she is a dog who has proven herself over and over again.

Working with our dogs is not a strive for "more titles," it is an opportunity to work with your dog, bond with your dog, and allow the dog to work in areas natural to the breed and abilities. We feel that the dogs have natural abilities and allowing them to use these abilities allows them to do things they enjoy. When our dogs are working, it really seems as if you can see a smile on their faces!